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1.     Apache 설치

      Apache를 설치하기 위해 Apache_2.2.4.msi를 실행 시키고 위저드의 흐름을 따라 설치를 수행한다. 기본으로 Next 버튼을 눌러준다.

      Apache 설치 위저드를 따르다 보면 중간에 아래의 위저드 페이지가 나오는데, 임의로 서버 정보를 설정해 준다. 여기서는 localhost라는 이름으로 설정해 주었다.


      그리고 위저드 화면을 따라서 typical를 선택하고 설치 경로를 설정한 다음 install 버튼을 누르면 Apache 설치가 완료가 된다. 본 문서에서는 설치 경로를 C:Apache 2.2로 설정하였다.


[] Apache 설치가 완료된 후 이미 설치된 톰켓이 있다면, 사용포트와의 충돌로 인하여 포트오류 도스창이 뜰것이다 이때 <ESC>키를 눌러 무시한다. Apache 포트를 변경하는 방법은 Apache Home Directory안의 conf 폴더(본 문서의 경우 C:Apache 2.2conf)에 있는 httpd.conf 파일에서 아래에 보여지는 것과 같이 Listen 8001으로 바꾸어 준다. 바꾸어 주지 않으면 default 80 port가 설정된다.

2.     PHP 설치

      PHP를 설치하기 위해 PHP_5.2.3.msi를 실행 시키고 위저드의 흐름을 따라 설치를 수행한다. 기본으로 Next 버튼을 눌러준다.

      PHP설치 위저드를 따르다 보면 이미 설치되어 있는 Apache의 버전을 물어보는 아래의 페이지가 나오는데, 여기서는Apache 2.2.x Module을 선택해 주도록 한다.

      기본으로 Next 버튼을 클릭하다 보면 다음의 화면이 나타난다. 이 페이지에서는 설치되어 있는 Apache 의 환경설정 폴더가 어디인지 지정해 주어야 한다. 본 문서에 따라 Apache를 설치하였다면 폴더의 경로값으로C:Apache 2.2conf를 입력해 주도록 한다.

      이 후 Next 버튼을 클릭하여 PHP설치를 완료한다.


[] PHP 설치를 완료한 후, PHP의 설정을 변경해 주기 원할 경우 PHP Home Directory안의 php.ini 파일을 수정해 주면 된다. 예를 들어 많은 경우 PHP register_global 설정을 기본값인 Off에서 On 으로 변경 해준다.



3.      BIND 설치 

This section describes installation of BIND 9.3.0 on Windows 2000 as a simple caching server. This was what we did:

1.    We down-loaded Bind 9.3.0.zip from the ISC site and unzipped it into a temporary location. So far so good.

2.    We found the readme1st.txt file in the temporary install directory and took the 15 seconds required to read this copious document. The most interesting thing at this point is that Bind9 is going to run as an NT service and that it appears it will require a unique NT account, passwords and special permissions. The install process creates the required account but we manually set the account up.

3.    In our temporary directory we double clicked BindInstall.exe and up pops this screen:

The password entry is optional - you can leave it blank or not as you choose - we left it blank. We noted in passing that the default install directory is c:Winntsystem32dns (or %SystemRoot%system32dns in windows terms) and clicked the Install button. The install appeared to run like a dream. We did not check the box labelled Start BIND Service after Install, we have some more stuff to do before run the service.

4.    We set up a directory called c:Winnntsystem32dnsetcnamed and then created three sub-directories called run, zones and log. You can do this anywhere but we were a little suspicious of Bind9's ability to figure out Windows paths so we did it this way.

We placed our master.localhost, localhost.rev and root.servers files in the zones sub-directory and the named.conf file below into the %SystemRoot%system32dnsetc directory.

// generated by ME
// 1. dec 2004
//   a. changed directory statement to windows format
//   b. changed location of log file to namedlognamed.log
//    c. changed location of all zone files to namedzones
//    d. added pid-file directive in namedrunnamed.pid
options {
     directory "C:Winntsystem32dnsetc";
     // version added for security otherwise may be able to exploit known weaknesses            
     version "not currently available";
     pid-file "namedrunnamed.pid";
     recursion yes;
// log to namedlognamed.log events from info UP in severity (no debug)
// defaults to use 3 files in rotation
// failure messages up to this point are in the event log
     channel my_log{
              file "namedlognamed.log" versions 3 size 250k;
              severity info;
     category default{
zone "." {
     type hint;
     file "namedzonesroot.servers";
zone "localhost" in{
     type master;
     file "namedzonesmaster.localhost";
zone "0.0.127.in-addr.arpa" in{
     type master;
     file "namedzoneslocalhost.rev";

5.    We used windows explorer to give the account named everything except full control over the directory c:Winntsystem32dns with the inherit property set so all lower directories pick up the same permissions. This is essential to avoid permission errors when you start the BIND service.

Select the BIND install directory (this shows the default in c:%SystemRoot%system32dns)in Windows Explorer:

Right click properties then permissions and find and select the named account and Add:

Add all permissions except full control and leave the inherit check box set (the default):

6.    We are lazy and forgetful so decided to add the BIND9 bin directory (%SystemRoot%system32dnsbin) to the Windows path since we are going to use dig for sure on a regular basis and in a couple of days we will have forgotten where is it - scrub that idea - in a couple of hours we will have forgotten where it is. So Start->settings->control panel->system:

Click Environment Variables from the Advanced tab:

Find and double click the path line and Add the following (or wherever your BIND9 bin directory is located):

Click OK and exit. Note: the separator on windows is a semi-colon not a colon as in the *nix world. Cost us 10 minutes with a magnifying glass to fix that one.

7.    Time to start the BIND service. This is a Server so the standard Windows DNS services is activated by default. First we have to disable it using Computer Management; expand Services and Applications then double click Services and find DNS Server:

Double click DNS Server and disable the service then click Stop then OK:

Find and double click ISC BIND:

Double click ISC BIND and click Start (the service is set to Automatic by default which means it will load on start-up:

Any errors will be logged under Applications in the Event Log.

8.    Finally we opened a DOS box (Start->run->cmd) and tried a dig command:

> dig @ example.com any

Seemed to run a bit slowly but we got our results. And yes we had already forgotten where we installed bind. Thank goodness we set the path variable.

Note: The @ is required to force use of the local service irrespective of the TCP configuration.

9.    We changed the DNS settings to use the local DNS service (Start->Control Panel->Network and dial-up Connections->select Local LAN->Properties->find and double click Internet TCP/IP) and re-booted the PC. We used Task Manager to check that the ISC BIND service started-up (is loads as named.exe):

We were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to install. If you want consistently of DNS for maintenance and other purposes across a mixed Windows and *nix environment using BIND is the only way to do it. As serious side benefit you get dig and other tools as a bonus.


[추가] rndc.key생성 및 rndc.conf설정 

 - rndc.key 생성 

 - 시작 -> 실행 -> cmd 도스창을 띄운후 아래와 같이 실행한다 


 - c:dnsetc 폴더에 rndc.key rndc.conf 가 생성된다.


 - rndc.conf 설정: 위와 같이 수정한다.

 - 시스템이 시작하면 프로세서가 자동으로 작동되게 할 수 있다. DNS서버를 인스톨할때 서비스에 자동으로 ISC BIND가 등록이된다.


-         현재는 서비스가 중지된 상태이다. 서비스를 자동 시작되도록 설정하기 위해서 다음과 같이 속성을 바꾼다.


  - 로컬 시스템 계정 선택한다. 서비스 시작을 클릭한다.

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